MRP Ribbon Air

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Free Tuning:

We offer a calculated tuning service – using endless data acquired from hours of testing and data logging, we can make calculated and informed decisions on what settings, revalving and modifications are suitable for you. Your suspension will be thoroughly tested with our dyno facilities and tailored to you and your riding style.

Key Features:


TRAVEL: 140, 150, 160, or 170mm (27.5"), 120, 130, 140, 150, or 160mm (27.5+ / 29").

WEIGHT: 4.15 lbs. for 27.5", 4.2 lbs. for 27.5+ / 29"

SPRING SYSTEM: FulFill™ independent positive and negative chamber system.

EXTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS: Positive air-spring pressure, negative air-spring pressure, 8-position low-speed compression, 16-position Ramp Control, and rebound.

INTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS: Travel (in 5mm increments)

STEERER OPTIONS: Tapered Only (1.5 - 1.125")

COLORS: All black chassis with 9 decal color options.

OFFSET: 27.5": 39 or 44mm, 27.5+ / 29": 41, 46, or 51mm 

BRAKE MOUNT: 180mm PM (Disc only)

CHASSIS / WHEEL SIZE OPTIONS: 27.5" or 27.5+ / 29”


• 27.5" Chassis:

• 27.5" x 2.6" on 35mm ID rim

• 27.5+ / 29" Chassis:

• 27.5" x 3.0" on 45mm ID rim

• 29" x 2.6" on 35mm ID RIM

AXLE: "Boost" spacing - 15x110mm QR15 standard, "tooled" bolt-on axle optional

AXLE-TO-CROWN (length): 27.5" 170mm : 562mm, 27.5+ / 29" 160mm: 572mm

MRP's goal in designing the Ribbon was seemingly impossible: building on the success of the heralded Stage, create a fork with higher performance, more adjustability, more features, all at a significantly lower weight. Those incredible demands meant they had to re-imagine elements like casting design, reconfigure damper architecture, and completely re-target performance goals. The result is not just the best fork they’ve ever produced, it’s the new industry benchmark.


• Outcast arch design with forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up and deliver a distinctive look.
• New bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP.
• ndependently adjustable positive and negative air-chambers for greater tunability.
• PSST pressure-relief valves that quickly and easily bleed off excess pressure in the lowers caused by elevation and temperature changes.
• "Boost" spacing and 35mm stanchions.
    Action Interval
    Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
    Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
    Check headset, axle and brake torque 30hrs use
    Air Spring Service 50hrs
    Oil Bath Replacement 30-50hrs
    Wiper Seal Replacment 75-100hrs
    Full Service Every 200hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.
    Service Info and Intervals