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Ex-Display 2017 Cane Creek DBAir 240x76

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Ex-Display 2017 Cane Creek DBAir 240x76

Shock will come checked over and tuned for you, along with mount kit(s).

Ex-display DBAir 240x76mm

Shock is in mint condition and will be supplied custom tuned and with the correct mount kits for your bike.



~500 grams (weight varies by size)


Twin Tube independent compression and rebound


4-way independent adjustment:
High speed compression
Low speed compression
High speed rebound
Low speed rebound
Air Pressure



Air Volume: This DBair comes with the XV (Extra Volume) air can.

The XV can offers a higher air volume and is perfectly suited to bikes with a significantly progressive leverage ratio, such as Intense and Santa Cruz. These bikes require a more linear air spring. The less progressive air spring allows the rider to ride with more High Speed Compression while still achieving full travel.

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