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Cane Creek Helm Air

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Free Tuning:

We offer a calculated tuning service – using endless data acquired from hours of testing and data logging, we can make calculated and informed decisions on what settings, revalving and modifications are suitable for you. Your suspension will be thoroughly tested with our dyno facilities and tailored to you and your riding style.

Key Features:

Helm Air 29 44mm Offset will ship in early April 2019. Available for pre-order now!

WEIGHT: 27.5"-2070g/29"-2080 grams 


• 7-way adjustable suspension fork

• High speed compression

• Low speed compression

• Low speed rebound

 • Air volume adjust (8-position Internal indexed system)

• Independent positive air spring

• Independent negative air spring

• Indexed travel adjust system

SPRING: High volume positive and negative air springs


27.5" - 100 - 170mm of travel (10mm increments), Optimised for 140-170mm

29" - 100 - 160mm of travel (10mm increments), Optimised for 130-160mm

AXLE: "D-Loc" 15mm thru axle system

SPACING: 15mm x 110 BOOST spacing

OFFSET: 27.5"-44mm / 29"-44mm or 51mm

MAX TYRE SIZE: 64mm wide by 749mm tall (29) / 75mm wide by 739mm tall (27.5+)

Introducing the Cane Creek Helm

The Cane Creek Helm is an 7-way adjustable suspension fork.

Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Helm is designed to conquer aggressive trail, enduro racing, and anything in between.

By isolating each damping and air spring adjustment, the Helm has the ability to be tuned for all types of terrain and riding styles and gives the rider ultimate control of their suspension set-up.

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Please see the videos below from Cane Creek detailing some  of the adjustment options available on the Helm Fork.


Pinned TV spent a day in the workshop showing what goes on prior to your items being shipped out.

Action Interval
Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
Check headset, axle and brake torque Every Ride
Lower Leg Service Every 50hrs of use
Full Service Every 100hrs of use / 12 months